Executive Team

Rohan Joshi

Co Founder - President

I am in my junior year of high school and love math and science. I love to be a part of the community and am always eager to contribute and help out those who need help. In my last visit to India, I saw kids working in shops and thought about why the kids were not in school. One day it came to my mind that I can help these poor kids and with the help of like minded people I decided to step forward and start Bliss Kids. I am sure together, we will help make a difference in the quality of education in India.

Disha Yadav

Co Founder - Vice President

I am in my sophomore year of high school. I enjoy reading, biology, debate, and mathematics. I have always thought about the people who don’t have as much in this world and wondered how I can contribute to the society to better it. Seeing kids not having the necessities they need to live a strong life, makes me wonder how I can be an active participant in this community to help out . By helping the next generation of kids, we can make this world stronger, smarter, and help get rid of poverty. Kids are our future and if we can change the lives of some, we can change the lives of many more.