Project 1: Get Furniture 

Our first project is to raise $ 10,000 to provide furniture for the schools. As you can see the students do not have desks to sit on and study making them have to sit on the hard floor which can cause many difficulties in their learning process. Our first goal is to raise money to get benches and desks for the schoolyard and classrooms. Getting the furniture for the classrooms will help us in shaping the future of these children. 

"An investment in knowledge pays the best interest."

Project 2: Restrooms

The school does not have a restroom for the students. They have to go out in the fields to use the restroom which is unsanitary and can be unhealthy for the children. Another project of ours would be to create restrooms for the students for a healthier and safer learning environment. 

"Knowledge will give you the opportunity to make a difference."